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What Causes a Gummy Smile?

Definitions of the gummy smile vary depending on who you talk to. The condition occurs when some combination of gum tissue, tooth size, lip size/mobility and jaw structure isn’t in harmony.

Smiling, Aging, and Dentistry

Dentistry inserts itself into the aging conundrum in interesting ways. When it comes to our facial appearance, there are certain aspects of a smile that impact whether a person appears older or younger.

Why Is Acid Bad for Your Teeth?

Sugar is often vilified as a primary cause of tooth decay among youngsters, and it certainly deserves this mantle. But there’s a new baddie on the block; another sinister force looking to take down your lovely smile.

Cheese: An Ode

What does cheese have in abundance? Flavour? Yes. Delicious, unearthly texture? That too. What else does it offer that would make only a dentist happy?

Causes of Oral Cancer

Oral cancers are common in Canadians, and while serious, are also among the more preventable. Around 75 percent of oral cancers are linked to modifiable behaviours like tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption.

Winter Fun is Calling…

As an active guy, winter offers so many awesome options it’s hard to know where to start. There are tons of ways to stay active and have fun. The drawback of course, is that they all bring with them a certain element of risk.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Halitosis (chronic bad breath) is a tough subject; I talk about with patients all the time. They’re embarrassed, often because they don’t know how to fix the problem. This is, of course, if they even know that there is a problem.